Have A Heart Charity Competition at Logan

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On Sunday 13th February 2011 Cable Ski Logan is hosting the Have A Heart Charity Competition.  From 3-6pm there will be some crazy wakeboarding and wakeskate action with King of the Kicker, Minute to Win It, Fashionair, Kneeboarding, Best costume and more divisions to compete in.

There will be some sick beats being dropped by DJ Profesa from the Dubthugs, plus locals DJ C.Z and Ty.  The crew from Sikk Air will be doing a BMX demo and the girls from Diamond Promotions will be doing a fashion parade of gear from Loose Kid Industries, Billabong, Maneater swimwear and Von Zipper.

Prizes have been donated by Liquid Force, ML Boarding, Loose Kid Industries, Rubber Jungle, CWB, Body Glove, Monster, Oakley, Sikk Air, Billabong, Von Zipper & Cable Ski Logan.  There will be raffles and auctions during the day.  Plus gnarly Harley Clifford, voted world number 1 pro wakeboarder by pro wakeboarders will be up for auction.

All this crazy fun is for a wonderful cause though.  With all proceeds from the day going to Home of Hope children’s orphanage in Mchinji, Malawi, Africa.  Malawi is in the top five poorest countries in the world.  It is a truly astounding country where despite all the hardships they face the people are still so positive, generous and full of spirit.  HIV/AIDS has devastated the country with 49% of the population under the age of 14.  The is partly due to the rate of rape of children under the age of 12 with 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 5 boys being raped at least 5 times.

Home of Hope provides a supportive and caring home to over 400 children with a further 200 plus children utilising the orphanages school.  Home of Hope is trying to provide the children with a way of breaking out of the poverty cycle by creating a village that will eventually become self sufficient and no longer rely on donations.  This is to teach the children to not become reliant on donations to survive.  The orphanage has started its own farm and flour mill.  One of the vital steps in breaking through the poverty cycle is to provide proper education to the children to allow them to succeed out in the community once they are older enough to leave the orphanage village.

Through the wakeboarding community and general community at large’s support of the Have A Heart charity day we hope to raise some much needed funds to assist the next generation of Malawi to step up and break through the poverty cycle.

For further information check out: www.homeofhope.org.uk/

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