Ozzy Update

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As many of you would know, Travis Osborne recently joined the Australian Supra team. We recently spoke to Trav about such things, and whatever else was new in his world.

Image: Dave Barker

“It’s a huge opportunity and a really exciting time.” Osborne said after being asked about the move. “The Supra 20V is incredible and I’m stoked to be back on the water full-time.”

Trav says the technology in the new boats is like nothing he’s ever seen.

Ozzy has been busy off the water too with the arrival of a little boy during the off-season. His daughter is now three and already ripping with him behind the boat.

“Now more than ever, I see the big picture and how great this sport is. I love being on the water and being able to hang out as a family and ride together is pretty cool”.

Another point worth mentioning is WakeCoach Victoria.

“Yeah, WakeCoach is a service that offers a range of private sessions. It aims to cater for both individuals and groups with a range of packages available.” he says.

I have a basic website (www.wakecoach.org) with some general information. There’s no fancy marketing or hype, just serious riding behind the latest Supra boats on the best water in the world”.

The word is that he’s riding better than ever and will definitely be heading to Nationals on the Gold Coast this year.

The other whisper is that he just completed a WAKE-STUNT that is pretty insane from all reports and a world first. There is apparently more info on his website and a feature story coming in Wake so stay tuned.

Image: Dave Barker

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