Summer’s here. Are you ready?

A couple of issues back, we had an instructional on how to get your body ready for this summer. Now that it is here, have you been training hard enough to handle the high demands of wakeboarding? If not, here is a recap of what we told you earlier in the year.

Are you Ready for Summer?!

Summer is just around the corner – so you better get that body ready now for the demands of wakeboarding!

Here we have a great full body circuit routine that will keep you motivated, strong, fit and focused for the summer ahead.

If you are new to strength training then I recommend you have a read of the previous issues – which cover important topics such as core stability, posture and injury prevention – these can be found at in the media link.

Remember to pay close attention to your form and aim for 3 sessions per week.

Each exercise should be done for 3 sets of between 12 and 20 reps. Go through the list – rest for 1-2mins – then repeat the list 2 more times.

Make sure your body is warm prior to starting, and it’s a good idea to ‘roll or release’ the areas shown in a previous issue.


All exercises must be done with form = core activated, shoulders back and down, glutes on, smooth controlled actions and breathing

  • Squat chop
    • We like to use balance boards for this one – but it can be done from the floor.
    • Squat with form and take the weight to your opposite shin.
    • As you stand ‘chop’ the weight with a straight arm across your body and above your head.
  • Renegade Rows 
    • Start in a push-up position.
    • Row a dumbbell up to your chest
    • Try not to rotate torso.
  • Hamstring Pull-ins
    • Start with feet on ball.
    • Lift hips off floor with glutes
    • Use glutes and hamstrings to pull the ball into you.
  • Bike 
    • 30sec hard, 30sec slow. Repeat five times.
    • Can also be skipping, running, rowing etc.
  • Hanging leg raise
    • Hang from beam or chin-up bar.
    • Use core to curl your knees to chest.
    • Return legs to ¾’s of the way down and repeat.
  • Side bridge opens
    • Can be done with a thera-band or dumbbell.
    • Start in side-bridge on an elbow.
    • Use a straight arm and take the band or dumbbell across your body – follow hand with your eyes.
  • Bench jumps
    • 30 sec Jumps : 30 sec rest. Repeat three times.
    • Start facing a medium height step or bench.
    • Jump up on it with two feet and then down off it with two feet.
    • Switch stance and repeat – quickly.
  • Climber to Scorpion
    • Start in push-up position
    • Bring one knee to opposite shoulder and extend leg out – don’t touch floor.
    • Then take leg back and reach heel up to ceiling – like a scorpions tail.
    • Swap legs and repeat.

Slowly cool-down and stretch: chest, thighs, calves and hamstrings.

For further info please contact PaceHM at: or ask questions at the facebook page (linked via

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