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2012 MasterCraft X-STAR

The impressive new Mastercraft X-Star was launched at Surf Expo in the US during September 2011. The massive new model comes in at 2.6m wide and 24ft (7.32m) long (without the platform), boasting nearly two feet more from stern to bow than the previous X-Star.

It’s not just overall size, however, that made this boat standout at the launch. Styling-wise, the new model breaks the mould, with a noticeable curvy “hipped” profile, and cool looking curved windscreen.
There are plenty of high-tech bells and whistles on board too, starting with the “command centre” screen, which rises from the dash with the turn of a key. This screen is then used for virtually all information and commands, from filling ballast to saving rider presets to DJing the party to navigating unfamiliar waters to simply gauging speed, rpm’s, engine temp and so on.

The interior is equally impressive, with the bow design allowing passengers to face forward or back, depending on what action they prefer to watch. The two front seats swing up and lift towards the pickle- fork tips making access to the voluminous front storage incredibly fast and easy.

On the way from the bow to the rear seating area, what appears to simply be an walk-thru is actually a seat back that can be lifted up to create a back rest for the “judge’s” seat, facing the transom or flipped up to fashion a back rest for a passenger in the bow. When not in use, it folds back down and it once again becomes the aisle way between the bow and the rear seating.
The rear lounge area has a smartly designed convertible rear seat. In one position, it looks like any other wraparound seating configuration. However, with one simple move anyone can flip this rear perch to create a seat that can comfortably watch all the action at the end of the rope. At the back you’ll find a transom step and boarding platform. The transom step serves as both a path into and out of the boat but is also large enough to serve as a seat for those ready to boot up.

Since Mastercraft pretty much went to town on this boat, it’s no surprise to find a ridiculous motor under the hatch. The new Ilmor MV8 7.4L engine pumps out 522 horses, making it the most most powerful catalyzed production marine engine available today.

Rounding out the package is a the latest ZFT 5p Tower, now powered by a newly developed hydraulic system. The next generation hydraulic ZFT 5p Tower delivers smooth up and down action with a simple flip of the switch while delivering improved dependability.

The Wake
In developing the boat, Mastercraft insisted that all members of their team rode and approved the wake – and ranked it superior to the previous model X-Star – before the boat could be released.
According to Zane Schwenk, “I have never gotten punted like I did on this beast. I’m old and don’t break boards much anymore but the new X- Star has claimed two already!”.

X-Star Downunder
Harley Clifford has been on fire, laying claim to be the best rider in the world. As such, it’s fitting that the first X-Star to come to Australia will go into his hands. According to Mastercraft Australia, that could be as early as February 2012.

Length - 7.32m (24ft)
Length w/ platform - 7.95m (26ft 1in)
Beam - 2.59m
Dry Weight - 2313kg
Fuel Capacity - 280 litres
Ballast - 680kg
Plug N Play Ballast - 450kg

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