Sterling Camero Reviewed

Sterling Camero Vision 21i

When we were over in Adelaide for the annual “YHK” weekend, we took the opportunity to catch up with the guys from Sterling Camero boats to grab a close look at their stylish Vision 21i. Despite the touch-and-go weather, we dropped this intermediate-friendly “green machine” in the drink for a play, and were impressed to say the least.

This mid-sized bow-rider is aimed at the crossover market who love their wakeboarding, but also enjoy throwing the ski on for a swerve. Borrowing from the successful Legend series, the Vision incorporates an all-new bow-rider front, adding the ability to fit in a full crew. The test boat looked absolutely fantastic in the green and black “tattoo” graphics with matching interior. Not only does it look sharp, but the quality finish is extremely impressive. Seams, panels and carpet are all perfected beautifully. The boat also features a full safety glass windscreen. The boat belongs to team rider Aaron Johnson, and is fully loaded with all the good stuff including the optional electric ballast system to give the wake some extra boot, as well as tower, board racks and booming Fusion audio setup. Being a mid-mount, Aaron and the team at Sterling Camero are realistic about the size of the wake, and who the boat is aimed at. They’re not claiming it has a huge wake on par with the largest and most expensive imports, but it delivers a very rideable and fun, decent-sized wake.

“It’s a very enjoyable, predictable wake, and although it isn’t the biggest of wakes, it’s definitely one I look forward to riding,” Aaron said. “This boat is the perfect boat for progressing. You can get the bread and butter of your wakeboarding down, and when you’re ready, some simple spins and inverts while taking the edge off the falls.

“Being a bow-rider, this new model is definitely a boat the whole crew can enjoy. And the added ballast system will allow you to give it that little bit more at the flick of a switch.”

As well as having all the wake-related goodies, the test boat was running a PCM EX343 motor. Sterling Cameros are available with the full range of PCM engines, starting with the Classic 315HP right through to the ZR-409. The EX343 was a great match for this boat, especially for those looking for a little extra performance. The Vision 21i gets out of the hole instantly and accelerates strongly. As expected, the big fuel injected 5.7-litre motor feels smooth and strong, and is a pleasure to drive. The hull design on this boat is tried and tested, and is engineered to provide high levels of handling while still offering a smooth ride. Inside, the guys from Sterling Camero have done a really nice job. The green and black trim looks the goods, and the layout of the surround seating maximises space and comfort.

The driver gets a nice cockpit with large gauges and easy to use controls and switches, a big sports steering wheel and adjustable driver’s seat that is very supportive. The large wraparound windscreen offers plenty of protection and great all-round vision. There’s a dual observers seat, full bench at the rear, and walk-through bow area to keep all the passengers seated and happy. There are large storage areas behind the lift-up observer’s seat and in the rear locker, a glove box and side pockets for more storage space, and there are cup-holders for all the passengers. The Vision 21i is the result of a long family tree of successful Sterling Camero models, and is proof that they are getting better than ever. With a realistic target market, you can be assured that there is no con here – the Vision 21i is what it is; a well-built, versatile boat aimed at the beginner/intermediate rider looking to take their riding to the next level. Camero is keeping it real, and keeping it fun – with a deeper hull and more seating room, this boat is a perfect craft to get everyone out on the water.

Length: 6.5m
Width: 2.1m
Fuel Capacity: 135 litres
Seating: 8 persons
Weight on Trailer: 1690kg
Engine as Tested: 315HP PCM
Priced from: $48,600

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