Wake Mag Volume 16 Issue 5

The latest issue of Wake Mag features a massive profile on Aussie legend Dean Smith. Deano is one of the true stars of wakeboarding, and we find out there’s much more to Dean Smith than just going huge every time he hits the water.

We also have full coverage of this year’s massive event at Cables Wake Park in Penrith … an extravaganza to remember.

We’ve got a “how to” guide to Perfect Boating. In it you’ll find tips on how to make your boating experience hassle free and enjoyed by everyone involved.

There’s a profile on South Australian young gun Mitch Daniel, who hopped off his tractor long enough for us to do a photo shoot and interview.

And beyond that there’s plenty more including a feature instructional on toesdie wake jumps, the inside word from Hayley Smith on her comp pass, competition rundowns.

Grab a copy today!

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