Iacconi wins 3rd stop of US Tour

Australian Junior Champ Tony Iacconi took out Pro Tour Stop 3 in the Junior Pro Mens division
The whole team here at Wake Mag would like to congratulate Tony on his win. And to celebrate, we have here a sneak peak of Tony’s huge feature article in the latest issue of Wake…


Words: Marlon Platt / Image: Dave Barker

At just 15 years of age he has already established a name for himself among Australia’s most reputable riders. With some big wins under his belt, a new board contract and a flawless attitude towards his riding, the future is looking very bright.

Like a lot of top level riders, Tony’s obsession with wakeboarding sprouted from his family’s passion for boating. He was just eight-years-old when he first strapped into a wakeboard. Tony’s father Rob Iacconi had been keen on boating with friends and family, and was introduced to wakeboarding for the first time through a friend. “I got up after two gos from memory. Once I was up, I was loving it,” he recalls. Rob was completely stoked on wakeboarding and in no time passed the bug onto Tony.

As soon as Tony was a few months old, he was spending a lot of time out in the boat with his family.
“Before wakeboarding, I was doing a little bit of kneeboarding and some tubing. It was a pretty casual affair,” he says.
But once Rob introduced him to riding sideways, he was gone – hook, line and sinker.

A unique aspect about Tony’s discovery of wakeboarding is that he never skied. Not once. And there’s something really cool about knowing someone is somewhat a ‘purist’ board rider. That’s not to say that there’s anything wrong with a background of skiing – in fact, it opens a whole lot of doors, and quickly. But there’s something cool about knowing that someone has taken to wakeboarding for the first time, on its own merits.

In no time at all Tony was entering the NSW grass roots events, and making friends with his fellow competitors.
“Being from the Newcastle area, the scene wasn’t huge. But Harley (Clifford) used to live nearby, so we used to ride together heaps,” he says.

The future is looking bright for young Iacconi, and there is certainly a lot ahead of him. Tony hopes that his dream of riding will continue, and see him continuing his annual trip to the States to compete alongside his fellow Australian riders.

Keeping it positive and keeping wakeboarding about fun is one of his top priorities. I guess you could say he’s an ambassador of positivity in wakeboarding.
“It’s meant to be all about having fun. And I love wakeboarding for that exact reason.”



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