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Bec Gange Signature Vest

Check out the F22 Bec Gange signature series vest from Jetpilot. So dope.


Jetpilot 2014 Vests

Woah! Take a look at the new vest from Jetpilot.


Sets In Motion in full is here!

Finally! The girls-only wake film is here in it’s entirety. Starring Amber Wing, Hayley Smith, Bec Gange, Ange Schriber and Sophie Hogben just to name a few.


Cory joins the 1080 club

Cory Teunissen lands his first wake-to-wake 1080. Check out the video…


Bec Gange stomps a Mobe 5

In case you hadn’t heard, Bec Gange stomped a Mobe five, making her the first female to do so.


Sets In Motion: Episode 8

Here’s another instalment of the girls-only series, Sets In Motion. This episode showcases the Oakley wake team; Amber Wing, Nicola Butler and Bec Gange.


PWT: Amber takes first, Harley snags third

Amber Wing has done it again, taking out the pro woman’s division, ahead of Dallas Friday and fellow Australian gal, Bec Gange – who has really been proving herself on tour this year.


Sets In Motion Ep 5 (and feature teaser)

Here it is: Episode 5 of the girls only wakeboard series, Set In Motion. Oh, and grab a free sample of our up-coming feature in the June issue of Wake Mag.


Australians making an impression

Our Aussies have been killing it over in the US – and abroad for that matter. It feels like just yesterday we wished them bon voyage, and already news has been pouring in of some great competition results.

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Bec Gange Interview

Bec Gange won the World Cup. We caught up with her during a brief stay in Melbourne, and sat her down for a few questions and a cold one.