John Henson


Instructional: Docking the Boat

It is always overlooked and not really seen as something to practice, but docking the boat can often be harder than it seems. You have to remember that there are always elements in play, the sun in your eyes, that gust of wind that blows you around and rollers. This instructional gives you a few tips on how to drive into a dock and park the boat nice and easy.


Instructional: Filling in the gaps.

Going back a while now, we got John Henson to explain how to fill in those awkward little spots in a ride, so that is always enjoyable to watch.

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Exclusive video: John Henson & Lachy Burgess

Here’s another exclusive video from the travels of Wake Mag.


Instructional: Docking the Boat

Docking your boat is an important part of wakeboarding. From heading out to heading in, to pick up the people that are always late, or for those bathroom stops that are just a slight inconvenience. It’s an easy skill to master and when done right, you will look like quite the accomplished captain and will probably impress the onlooker.


Instructional: Backside 360 Shuv-it

Everytime I see a 360 shuvit from the driver’s seat, it gets a good honest loud “yew!”. It’s quite a hard trick to land as you don’t have the safety net of the handle to rely on if you don’t land it.

INS 1 Workable

Instructional: Heelside Tail Grab Backside 180

The BS 180 will be one of the most enjoyable tricks you will learn. There are so many possibilities to this trick! You can grab it in so many places, take it massive into the flats, drop it in real late after you grab method and you can add it to most of the basics inverts in your bag of tricks!


Instructional: Heelside Frontside Mute 540

When you are wanting to learn the more advanced moves in wakeboarding, you will need to have a strong foundation of basic board skills and use them as building blocks for your next move. This will ensure that you learn tricks faster, without the bad habits and also without the nasty falls.


On the Road: a wakeboarder’s guide

Australia is lucky to have one of the most unique landscapes in the world. We have vast, open, untouched, barren stretches of red crusted hard soil, pinpricked with pockets of green that pop against the earth it sprouts from. And as sure as the sun will come up in the morning, you can guarantee yourself where there is green, there is blue. Lakes, streams, rivers, dams, brooks, ponds, springs and rapids; feeding the green that thrives around it.